Change or Edit any Website inside Browser -JavaScript Hack !!

Vivek Yadav

Computer Science Engineer by Education & a Programmer, Entrepreneur , Photographer by hobby & Passion who spends most of his time with his Computer/Mobile or his Camera - a Rebel t2i .

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99 Responses

  1. litu says:

    what is this is it hacking. dont lie ever. it is not possible through this

  2. virendra says:

    this code works,,but we canmt save the changes made by us in the website,,,
    if u have any idea ,,,just tel me how can i save the save the changes…thata i made

  3. ss says:


  4. ss says:


  5. Me says:

    this works but u cant save the changes! πŸ™

  6. araman says:

    How do u save the changes?

  7. smitty says:

    You people are idiots!! Of course you can’t save it. You dumb asses.

  8. bob says:

    It’s possible to save the changes using another trick :

  9. Accendrez says:

    this is basic javascript injection hacking.
    for those of you questioning how to “save your changes” I would simply reply that if you don’t know enough javascript, you have no place making any amateur attempts. Along with that, this site has given the implication that this level of hacking is “fun” and “carefree.”
    That is a disturbingly childish take on the matter. If you don’t have the maturity to use your skills responsibility, you don’t deserve them. Of you looking into how to save your changes, have you questioned the reprecautions? No you have not for they don’t have anything to do with you. I bare witness to the common characteristic of highschool freshmen as you do something “cool” and “badass” because you’re “fearless” and “edgy.” I am glad that the author didn’t hand out any dangerous information, but let this be a lesson for all you “cool” prepubescent children. I know you think, “it’s only a website,” but your illegitimate understanding of the inner workings of not only the anthropology, but economy of the internet, misguides you.

    So again, before asking “how do you save the changes?” perhaps you should ask yourself if it’s really worth it? Their is a difference between a soldier and a child with a gun. It is the same with hackers and you all.

  10. araman says:

    Yea..I guess Accendrez is rite….Why try to edit n save someone else’s hardwork??? im positive that i wont like anyone who messes with my site.!

  11. hehe says:

    wow.. umm.. maybe he meant “repercussions” not “reprecautions”? “bear” witness.. for God’s sake, wrong “there”

    I might BE a soldier with a gun, but I know proper grammar and spelling.. good job Mr. “I-know-how-to-use-words-I-don’t-understand”

  12. bob says:

    Tools like “Live Website Editor” ( ) help you persist the state of modified web pages, but the changes only affect your browsing sessions, not others.
    It’s not some badass-carefree-illegitimate-hacking πŸ™‚

    Though it can be fun, it is also very handy for these types of people:
    – browsing users who’d like to do some minor visual changes (ie: change some text in the google homepage)
    – people who make screenshots of webapps, for ensuring that real data won’t be displayed in presentations


  13. Dave says:

    Have you ever heard of windows screenshot? When you visually edit the webpage, take a screenshot, save as a jpg and post it here.

  14. D_triple-7 says:

    The save the changes bit might have something to do with a site that trains hackers… it’s a legal hacker training ground and one of the missions requires the saving of such changes. ^_^

  15. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…gets solved properly asap.

  16. GreenOrange says:

    lolLOLOOOOOOOOLLLL @ Accendrez
    dont worry everyone, he’s just another 100% NOOB on the hacker scene.


    what am i saying?
    the guy has no idea what he’s talking about.

    economy of the internet? dude, wtf…

    this is an f’in joke kid. get a life. this is javascript is javascript. if u have no idea what it does “oh he wants to save it u dont understand i am zen i am jedi i am 1337 h4xx0r” then please stfu.

    this… really pisses me off…

    for all ye ppl who dont know what true haxxordom is, go to phrack.
    if u cant do that, kill urself. using a web browser while not understanding the finesse of search engines (viz. mainly google) may maim or seriously injure you.
    see? that made sense. i know “big” words too. u just make me feel wierd, soo nooby, never seen anything like it…

  17. ob says:

    i did try it did not work

  18. Vivek says:

    It sure works, tested in opera 9+ and Firefox 3+ versions and should work in other browsers too

  19. araman says:

    I definitely think that this is for a fun..sure it works…but who wants to perma-change a website that developers and code specialists made by hours of hard work?????? if u wanna do so……consult a doc….seriously…hw wud u feel if ur site was renamed hoobalo instead of yahoo??!!!!!

  20. in meinem RSS-Reader ein. Help me, please

  21. Levi says:

    Tricked my teacher into giving me A’s

  22. Vivek says:

    @Levi Nice use of this trick buddy , will love to see some more impressive uses

  23. Goran says:

    I turned all my grades to A’s, B’s, and C’s from the original grades I got for messingaround and not doing homework. I only changed it for my parents because we all know, or we should, that it doesn’t get saved. I’ve used this trick before for messing around with friends in school and one time convinced an administrator that local fox news reported that his son had been arrested for drug possession and resisting arrest. I wrote an entire article on the site and watched him run out of the room looking pissed as hell. Childish I admit, but useful for getting school personnel off your back.

  24. Vivek says:

    2->Goran , Clever use I must say, It must had been fun doing that , I tried something similar with my friend’s marks in the college end semester exams and It was fun .

  25. davo says:

    i tryed it, i couldnt get it to do anything. lets see, i went to the site. deleted what was in the address bar, then pasted the code. nothing happened and i couldnt change anything. can somone please help me.

  26. tim says:

    it dosnt work WFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Gibbz says:

    GreenOrange and Accendrez, now thats scary……………. the trick faire to play with around kids!

  28. Anup says:

    I have used this once!

  29. GreenOrange says:

    i dont even remember writing this. actually.. i do. let me make something clear:


    this is just changing what you, ie, the client, sees.

    simple dimple. πŸ˜‰

  30. Vivek says:

    Yes GreenOrange@JoeWilliamTurner , but this is about modifying the default behavior and tinkering into stuff which can be called a hack .. and the process Hacking πŸ™‚

  31. Fremont says:

    Related Story, twitter got passwords stolen on sunday. I guess no site is uncrackable.

  32. Syn says:

    You have to press enter? copy, paste and enter ._. if you dont know that or you somehow fucked up the code, your loss

  33. EdgeTaken Entertainment says:

    acually you can save it. how do i know? think of it as my misspent youth ^_^! cant remember how but im sure you can google it or something…

  34. matt says:

    To save it press file save as and put .html

  35. Vivek says:

    @Matt you cant save the modified page, the modification is done in the DOM and so the browser does not know how to save it ..

  36. Hi, I found this article while searching for help with JavaScript. I’ve recently switched browsers from Safari to Internet Explorer 7. Now I seem to have a issue with loading JavaScript. Every time I go on a website that needs Javascript, the page freezes and I get a “runtime error javascript.JSException: Unknown name”. I cannot seem to find out how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks

  37. @Vivek Actually, I just tested (Firefox 3.6), if you choose “View Page Source” from the context menu, it shows the modified version… At least after you leave the design mode via:

    javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’false’; document.designMode=’off’; void 0;

    I surely bet you can copy and paste the “source code” into a new HTML document (notepad is your friend) and save it as page.html, so you can view it later on.
    And well, I guess the only use of that trick is to impress people, nothing else… (be creative πŸ˜‰ )

  38. pikato says:

    it works for every bloody website its just that i can’t save it on line so if any one knows how to do so, kindly fil me in

  39. Chris says:

    You obviously cant save the changes to the real website because youd be arrested faster then you can read the javascript code.. lol

  40. 1 says:

    JavaScript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

  41. Handsome1 says:

    I didnt pay my phone bill for a month and went to my cell phone companys website and change my page as if i paid it. then printed it out. i then went into my cell phone company and bytched at them for not updated my payment and the changed it!!!!!!!!!!

  42. admin says:

    Well Handsome1, this is misuse of this kind of technique, you can use it as a prank or for fun , but please dont do this illegally , I beg you to acknowledge your social & moral responsibility and not repeat such act in future & so do all others reading this technique..Please..

  43. Arnaud says:

    If you are using Google Chrome, here is a nifty extension that allow not only to edit any web page of any website, but also saves it for any time you choose to return to the page. Yes you read it right: changes persist.

    Its name is “Live Website Editor” and can be found right here:

    You’ll find a 40′ seconds demo on the extension page as well.

    What do you think?

  44. admin says:

    Thanks @Arnaud , that was a nice tip & chrome is for sure a great browser

  45. mariosms says:

    pls i will like to learn much from you

  46. lol I made a great one. Got my wife really pissed off at me though. I do not recommend this to any of us married folk.

    Went to the lottery website and changed the winning numbers to the numbers on our ticket. Told the wife to check the numbers and she freaked out and started screaming for joy and almost called to quit her job. I had to put a stop to that so I refreshed the page and now she hates life and me. lol I don’t recommend this. She may be conjuring up a divorce now lol.

  47. Bivy says:

    I can always use another javascript hack. Thanks!

  48. ratedz says:

    Arnaud do you smoke crack live website can only mess with the page yur on.Guess thats what crack does to the brain.

  49. naresh says:

    Only a java trick and notthing else.
    we cannot make any changes through

  50. raam says:

    please help me! how to save website with changes……..

  51. fag says:

    wish i knew

  52. matt says:

    it doesint stay

  53. koti says:


  54. neha dhyani says:

    very good

  55. Bob Bobson says:

    More importantly, how do you make the edits stay, and how do you make the site usable again? I tried:

    JavaScript:document.body.contentEditable=’false’; document.designMode=’off’; void 0

    but that didnt work πŸ™

  56. matthew says:

    i did not work for me how do we save it?

  57. joseph says:

    u cant save it

  58. nick says:

    its only so if you were taking an online test you could change your score if you just had to walk up and show your score

  59. pramod rachawar says:

    ya!!!its mo=ind blowing…
    i like it..
    plz send all tricks on my email id..
    i am very thankful to you…

  60. sam says:

    changed my grades

  61. Herio says:

    hey..Just tell us how to save the website after changing?

  62. azbest says:

    Um ppl you can’t save the website on server. U r editing ur own local displayed copy inside ur browser. U can save it on disk by File->Save As, but nvr on serv. Ya wished to hack websites so ez, right? πŸ™‚

  63. Wiseman says:


  64. Sean says:

    its good for amateurs to play around with. but for pro like me its a FAIL … πŸ˜‰

  65. umm says:

    someone please help me this didnt work im on a mac is that the problem? all that showed up when i hit enter was “the page your looking for can not be found”

  66. Holdridge says:

    Hey! this is really good post! I really enjoyed reading it. I will bookmark this site to return later. Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  67. btw says:

    just so you know the edeting that you do with that code can not be saved (unless your a lvl 3 hacker) what the code does is basicly screenshoting the site your on and transfering it to a picture on a microsoft document. and the words in the code themselves mean nothing you have to paste the exact code from above, but in the end thers no point unless your trying to fool someone in to thinking you can edit anysite.

  68. tim says:

    you can save it change the code to
    javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’false’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

  69. Nick O'Brien says:

    Okay in order to turn it of you just reload the page. Also, you can’t save it so it shows up to everyone i found it fun to edit ppl’s facebooks then screen shot them and send it to there phone that way if they aren’t on facebook then they will be going crazy like OMFG CHANGE IT CHANGE IT esp. if you put some funny stuff up there!

  70. Annahhh says:

    You should edit peoples tweets and get a good reaction out of everyone. hahahaha

  71. dude i have a question. says:

    what we change can we make it permanent?

  72. techj says:

    This is just to make changes that appears to you..

  73. oh ok thx dude becouse if it was permanent i would oblitirate

  74. Johnathon says:

    I’ve done this many times before, I tried to hack millsberry, but it didn’t save. Some people say it only works with firefox 3.0, not 3.6. I downloaded firefox 3.0, 3.01, and a whole bunch of other ones like Firefox 3.000211. Didn’t work. It worked, but It can’t save.

  75. Tom says:

    LOL this would make an sweet April Fools prank!

    Especially for a facebook page!


  76. tony says:

    just to clear things up, it’s not gonna change the website itself so no you can’t save the website like that. it’s good for pranks more or less. all the code does is copy the webpage and let you make edits on the copied version of the website. it’s kinda like copying the web page and pasting it in mspaint.

  77. spade says:

    cool but how do you save it? email answer to

  78. mymm says:

    you can save it with Ctrl+S and open the file later.

  79. pankaj says:

    hey i have done all the above but i m unable to save the page………… tell me how to do that………………. even i wanna knw more abt it…………….. suppose i have done the changes and i want people from all over the world to see the same web page as the same i have editted then what sud i have to do………………………………….. if anybody knw abt it then kindly mail me at hope to hear back from some1 soon. i will be very grateful to him.

  80. xenomorf says:

    haha.. this trick is old now.. still, it fun to do it on a website. btw, YOU CANNOT SAVE WHAT YOU EDIT. please, don’t keep asking the same question about how to save bla bla bla….

    but, you can print@save or take a print screen as a “proof”. cheers!

  81. admin says:

    @Pankaj , It’s not possible dude , You cant save the changes , Yes you can take a screenshot but saving it is a bit tricky & moreover there’s no way on earth that you can make all people see your edits , unless you own the website or you are a top ace hacker πŸ™‚

  82. SIXFIN says:

    I knew it the other way. Using source option u can do this in any browser. For example in opera u open a page then right click and select SOURCE. Now Just select the required text and edit it. Click on apply changes after u finish. This does the job . now u wil c the same page changing as per ur changes. But this trick u showed above is really good . Point to be noted is that everyone is not a java expert to remember the cammand.

  83. beuwoulf says:

    can anyone tell me how to view private album at friendster? thanks in advance…

  84. Colin says:

    awesome!!!! i tricked my mom into thinking she won a contest!!!!!

  85. debbie says:

    that would be awesome savin that

  86. Anonymous says:

    Here’s an idea.

    Hate someone? Start a message with them on facebook, let it go on until you have something good to work with. Edit what they say so they are being hateful and you’re trying tell them to cool out and cursing people is bad. It’ll fuck some shit up πŸ˜€

  87. FRED says:

    You can’t save it you morrons !

    you take a screenshot of the changes, and use that.

    DUH ?!

  88. I DONT GET THIS says:

    I’m using the macbook but it isn’t working…
    I put in this code JavaScript:document.body.contentEditable=’false’; document.designMode=’off’; void 0
    then do i press enter or not? then do i just edit however?

  89. admin says:

    You, just have to open the webpage you need to edit and then while you are on it , just copy paste the javascript code given in the article into the address bar of that webpage replacing the url of that page and then press enter , nothing will change but now when you move your mouse over text/image on that webpage you can see a cursor and then you can type in words or delete them , have fun !

  90. arshad says:

    but how to save the page webpage.

  91. HacKer says:

    Is this not working because I’m using a cell phone?

  92. kamab says:

    hello my sister wrote jamb examination tree terms but she fail what am saying here how can i enter the website to change her examination result pls some one should help me with that trickz

  93. admin says:

    nice post really

  94. kani says:

    Just tell us how to save the website after changing?

  95. Bailey says:

    This won’t work for me πŸ™

  96. rex trayn says:

    Open notepad and leave it open. Open your target web site in your browser. In the browser , do a “View Source”. Copy everything ( all the source code) and paste it in your notepad session. Edit the text in notepad to make your changes. Do your SAVE in notepad. Save it on your desktop, to make it easy to find. Rename the file to TEST.HTML. Close Notepad and your browser. Double click TEST.HTML on your desktop. Viola! – it is saved on your local machine. You cannot save it to someone elses web server, unless you have FTP permissions on the web server.


  97. BK says:

    Or you could download a firefox plugin like “Web Developer” or “Firebug” & modify from there.

    I’m sure google has an alternative text editor.

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