Download Whole Website in Linux the Smart Way !!

Vivek Yadav

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  1. Rava says:

    Hi, I tried that with a webpage. The one is https, but all was OK when using –no-check-certificate

    I used “-r –no-check-certificate -page-requisites” only. The problem: The main css file is saved, and in it the other css files are linked with
    @import url(bla.css);
    @import url(blubb.css);

    and none of these are saved at all. Is there a wget tweak that also makes wget save these files as well?

    –page-requisites itself should be enough to make wget do it, but it seems it just won’t. Using wget 1.11.1

  2. Vivek says:

    @Rava I dont think so , that we have such a tweak, it parses html files but not the CSS ones, I went through the wget manual and found nothing regarding this, you can google for some website copy tool for linux if you need this done .

  3. Swapnil says:

    Thanks for sharing this … the best

  4. taplinb says:


    Just snatched a site into Linux Mint 8. Had to replace the leading “-” characters with “–“, as in -recursive became –recursive, but then it worked great. Rusty old ex-tech’s request: can you make it a simple bash script? I suspect its just the above with variables, but I forget how to parse. Please don’t say RTFM; I lack the time this month, but could really use this.

    Many thanks.


  5. Aditya says:

    please send me the code to download a whole website
    when i tried wget-recursive it prompted no such command found

  6. admin says:

    Aditya, the command is wget -recursive , ie. wget -recursive as recursive is a command line argument for wget command , that’s why it said no such command found . Also, just copy paste the code after the $ prompt , given in this post and replace the url in the end with the website you wish to download and it will be done !

  7. Becry says:

    As of wget 1.12, –html-extension is renamed to –adjust-extension

  8. admin says:

    @Becry – Thanks for telling , that’ll help other people reading this article

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