FaceBook Trick to View Anyones Private Album Photos and Pics sans Permission

Vivek Yadav

Computer Science Engineer by Education & a Programmer, Entrepreneur , Photographer by hobby & Passion who spends most of his time with his Computer/Mobile or his Camera - a Rebel t2i .

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4 Responses

  1. You know that there are some website out there that let you view private facebook profiles.

  2. Wow! This is good info, am intrested in it… hot sh!t bro

  3. Jhon Doe says:

    In order to view private albums, best way is getting full access to the profile. It is actually easy if you stop trying to get your target friendship and focus on his/her friends. Why don’t we view our target profile logged as a friend he/she already has accepted? This idea is full explained in
    (in spanish, but you can use google translator)

  4. Facebook says:

    it is possible only when you have that locked album proper URL , i think then we can view but recently fb blocked thta also.

    Anyone have anyother tricks.We can view pic f any one tag locked pics .

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