How to check if someone is invisible or Offline in GTalk

Vivek Yadav

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37 Responses

  1. Lucky says:

    If I want to know who are invisible but they should not know that ” I know that they are invisible”
    what to do?

  2. Sid says:

    No this doesn’t work at all !!

  3. purujeet says:

    it doesnt work
    gmail has patched it

  4. Amit says:

    I tried … this does not seem to be the case….
    may be Google folks are smart and saw your post.. so removed the feature !!

  5. mani says:

    for this to be happen first you hav to make your chat as off record.

  6. dayita says:

    this workd..thnxx

  7. nanz143 says:

    its working dude…….. i’ve checked out ……….
    thanks buddy….

    for better results use gtalk rather tha gmail

  8. leo says:

    there is a website that works great for this:

  9. Ted says:

    This look like phishing to me!
    Never give your credentials to such a dubios service!

  10. leo says:

    source codes are even available for those who are scared and wants to give it a try on their own server/computer

  11. srikanth says:

    i want ti view all the list of invisible members at a place.
    provide any software link , so i can install and use it.

  12. azy says:

    hey dude dis is nt wrkn ya…dose days i thnk it wrkd…bt nw frm yestrday its blocked o smthng..f u knw pls help me..i need dis

  13. gtalkstatus says:

    hey azy, yes earlier it worked…
    now is redirected to google home page

    any body know the new address of this wonderful website…plz share wid us…

  14. appu says:

    its working with gtalk even today

  15. shilpa says:

    hi aapu, how is it working wid gtalk can u pls tell me in detail

  16. azy says:

    its not working… can u pls tell me how u found it o how it is working…

  17. rana says:

    its not authenticated site… so BEWARE

  18. ramya says:

    now the website is not working…..any new website to find invisible users in gtalk

  19. pinky says:

    the is not working anymore. does anyone know the new website address.PLS help out!!

  20. steve teresa says:

    Just a big lie !

  21. ugrasen says:

    its not working tell me how u get this ……..

  22. karthic says:

    this really works man…..fine………………………….thanx……….

  23. raj says:

    Hey its really work for me…..thanks…dude

  24. TRICKY HACKER says:

    Ya you are right,first we should make “CHAT OFF THE RECORD ” so that we can find a person whether he is on invisible mode or not nu.anyhow its working..nice article yaar

  25. fla says:

    this works only if we are speaking with someone and than she/he go. But it not work for one person that we did not speak before…:(

  26. uk says:

    how to chek if someone is online or visible when im invisible?

  27. anu says:

    Hey guys,,,Finally i caught that thief who made me mad from last four months>>>>>>>Thnx

  28. vel says:

    anu wat u got abt this can u explain ..

  29. bboy says:

    Do you have any website can check invisible Gtalk like in Yahoo invisible checker?

  30. Della says:

    Is there a way to know a person is online if that person has blocked us?

  31. Eshan says:

    It works. I have checked from different two computers and different two mail IDs. Now I need to find how to make myself really invisible in gtalk…. any help?

  32. Anmol says:

    now we just send the other person an email when we try this…
    theres no fool proof way anymore:(

  33. joice says:

    Good one.. really worked, thanks

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