How to launch Thunderbird Automatically at Startup Minimized in System tray

Vivek Yadav

Keenly interested in Technology & troubleshooting tech problems

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7 Responses

  1. Ciprian says:

    How to do this on Linux…Start thunderbird in minimized mode

  2. John says:

    Great guide. Thanks!

  3. Candy says:

    Hey thank! Plus I can use this info for more than just Thunderbird! =D

  4. noweareman says:

    That did the trick!
    (using Windows 7)

  5. ilias says:

    thunderbird starts when windows 7 start,but not minimized!despite i have it run minimized!

  6. kevin says:

    Thanks for posting this trick.

  7. CJ says:

    Windows 7 64bit.

    TB starts when windows boots, however despite setting the “Start minimised” option, TB still loads up ‘full screen’.

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