Over 15 Websites to Make Fake Photos and Add Effects to Images Online

Vivek Yadav

Computer Science Engineer by Education & a Programmer, Entrepreneur , Photographer by hobby & Passion who spends most of his time with his Computer/Mobile or his Camera - a Rebel t2i .

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7 Responses

  1. Tom Rick says:

    Well i prefer http://www.magofun.com its a lot faster and has got tons of addition
    al features.

  2. tom rick says:

    Try http://www.magofun.com tons of additional features and wide variety of covers to choose from.

  3. Alex Allen says:

    my daughter loves to do some scrapbooking and she is good at that~,.

  4. Wet Saw  says:

    photocards are nice specially if they are custom built;-“

  5. Body Cleanser : says:

    my little daughter loves to do scrapbooking at her young age, she uses a lot of digital arts and photographs for her scrapbooks.:.

  6. my daughter have been doing some scrapbooking stuffs over the years and she really likes it .’.

  7. Tata mandig says:

    I want learn how to use picjoke.

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