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Photography tips for beginners & DSLR users with topics covering iso, aperture, shutter, bokeh , composition & various other technical jargon associated with photography in simple terms !

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15 Surreal Pictures from World Photography Awards 2013

After looking at these pictures you would realize that a Picture is More Than a Thousand Word. The World Photography Organisation will be exhibiting some of the best pictures they received at Somerset House, London, from...

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Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera with 3D Capability

The new Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera with interchangeable lens is the next big thing to watch out at CES 2013. The new NX300 also offers shooting in 3D and  dual band Wi-Fi connectivity. Another feature that...

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Samsung Galaxy Camera: Why Not to Buy

The new Samsung Galaxy Camera is catching up a lot attention and we are seeing it publicized everywhere Television, Web, Print….All prompting people to think whether they go for it or not. I would say Samsung...