Radeon 5570 Vs Nvidia Geforce GT 430

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  1. Dean O says:

    I love how you failed to list all the specs of the gt 430. Afraid your readers might notice the difference? Since you won’t be truthful, I’ll shed some light on things.

    Gt 430
    Pixel Fillrate: 2.8
    Texture Fillrate: 11.2
    Memory Bandwidth: 28.8 (DDR3)
    Compute Performance: 268.8 GFLOPS

    HD 5570
    Pixel Fillrate: 5.2 Gpixel/s
    Texture Fillrate: 13 GTexels/s
    Memory Bandwidth: 28.8- 57.6 GB/s (DDR3/DDR5)
    Compute Performance: 520 GFLOPS

    It doesn’t take a degree in engineering to see which card is “superior”, just check the benchmarks. The newer Radeon cards 5000s-6000s are generally more efficient while having more raw power on tap and at a more affordable price than their Geforce counterparts.

    Eventually it will click in our “Nvida fanboys” that Radeon is moving forward.

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