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The New Next Gen XBOX 0

Next Gen XBOX Unveils on 21st May

XBOX 360 was one of the biggest rulers of the gaming arena. Now it’s the turn of the new breed of gaming consoles to rule the arena. Microsoft will be launching the next gen...

Halo 4 Art Book Cover Awakening 0

Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 (Exclusive Pictures)

Halo 4 is all set to fire the gaming arena. With huge expectations from 343 Industries Halo 4 is the first part of the Halo series Trilogy i.e “Reclaimer Trilogy”. If one has ever wondered about...

Nike+ Kinect Training Program 0

XBOX 360: Nike+ Kinect Training Program (Video)

Have you ever imagined of a personalized trainer who could attend you everyday at your home instead of you hitting the training center everyday? If yes then Kinect has got something to offer you something...