Two hidden features revealed for Nokia C7.

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9 Responses

  1. nathan.fake says:

    you can also use “voice dial” button to mute the call :))

    either way menu button turns red 😉

  2. UC7 says:


    If you look carefully right upper front of C7, you can see secondary camera and light sensor…but there are also third light/led.

    When I use Skype in C7, that red light illuminate slightly. What light it is???

  3. Vinay says:


    The other red light that illuminates during the call is called the proximity sensor. That is used to lock the screen when you are on a call. This works only if you are using the handset as you take the phone near to the ear it gets locked to avoid unnecessary menus or any other buttons getting touched while on call.

  4. Kannan says:

    its included in the inbuilt guide…..use search in C7

  5. Pranay K D says:

    Hey friends i faced a diffrent type of problem wit my C7,
    when i inserted sim, it restarted and got hang, after that
    while pressing start key, it just vibrates as it does while startup, but not starting or lighting up, thats all and now it wont even vibrates,

    please suggest some great ideas for dis.

    will b thankfull to all.

  6. jing says:

    Pranay KD

    I just experienced the same thing with my phone, i had it checked out by the store where i bought it and they had to replace it with a new unit, there’s a problem with the software itself! too much trouble! i had to find for my friends number again

  7. Deepakchahar says:

    Hey man.just hold the lock key for 5 sec and u can use the flash as a torch.this is reall good

  8. ajmal says:

    hey.hw cn v use skype on c7 and does it works?

  9. Sohaib says:

    Ajmal You Have To Download Skype From OVI Store And Then Install Make Sure That You Have Skype Account Register,Login And Enjoy

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